Concrete Bursting

Concrete bursting employs the use of a bespoke hydraulic ram inserted into a pre drilled hole. When actuated, a crack is propagated. The pattern of holes dictates the resultant debris, influenced by reinforcement content.

Bursting is one of the safest and most efficient methods of removing reinforced or mass concrete, brickwork, or natural stone. Hydraulic Bursters are placed in pre-drilled holes and expanded to induce controlled cracking of the material. Thus reducing it to manageable sections for removal. The equipment can be used in confined spaces without risk. We have used this technology to remove heavily reinforced concrete up to 5m thick in structures such as bridges where a precise, controlled system of removal was required.

Typical Applications:
Machine bases
Bridge columns
Reinforced concrete structures
Mass foundations

Concrete Crunching

Concrete Crunching is an effective and environmentally friendly way to carry out controlled demolition in a variety of materials and applications.

Using this method, we can demolish floors, walls, and staircases up to 350 mm thick – quickly, silently, and with very little dust or vibration. CDD-UK operates a range of machines from Power Crunchers with a crushing force of 45 tons right down to hand crunchers – ideal for refurbishment jobs where access is restricted or the area is sensitive.

Brokk Demolition

As site clearance is often part of customers projects, we provide a controlled demolition service using remote control Brokk machinery to provide efficient and safe removal of concrete from large and small scale operations, leaving a clear and structurally safe environment for the next stage of the project. Remote controlled demolition, with the operator at a safe distance, minimises danger from falling rubble and debris and allows access to areas not possible with traditional methods.

The Brokk's impressive power to weight ratio allows accessibility within buildings and confined spaces and it can even track up staircases. It has exceptional punching and breakout forces and can demolish precise areas within a fraction of the time of traditional methods saving you time and money and giving contractors the opportunity to demolish profitably.



Diamond drilling is the most efficient method of forming holes and openings in a multitude of hard building materials


CDD-UK offers an effective method that does not cause excessive vibration and won't affect the building structure.


Our high powered machinery can be used to cut depths of up to 600mm so we can carry out most types of work