Floor Sawing

Floor sawing uses a diesel or electric drive unit and a suitable diamond tipped blade with a cutting depth of 500mm max this unit is usually self propelled and results in a clean straight cut in the concrete slab or asphalt base material

Typical Applications:
Expansion joints in concrete slab floors
Openings in concrete slab floors
Road maintenance

Wall Sawing

Wall sawing uses a hydraulic or electric drive motor on a fixed track and a suitable diamond blade, this results in a straight clean cut in the steel reinforced concrete or masonry.

Being of small size and low weight, the wall saw is versatile in that it can be used in multi storey buildings where lifting facilities for the heavier floor saw units is not available.

Wall saws are remotely operated, removing the operation from vibration entirely, and distancing this from the noise source.

Typical Applications:
Door or window openings up to 500mm thick
Widening lift shaft doorways
Parapet wall reduction or removal
Platform overhang trimming
Openings to cast floor slabs

Plunge Cutting

Plunge Cutting employs the use of a track mounted saw and a chain tipped diamond blade not unlike a chain saw. The chain is pushed into the steel reinforced concrete to create a clean straight cut. The equipment is most used when a wall or floor saw will not operate within the workspace, and as the blade is not circular there is no overcut as generated by a circular blade.

Plunge cutting is carried out with a diamond tipped chain saw, mounted on a track. The chain feeds into the concrete, forming a single cut 230mm long and up to 1m deep. This technique has a greater depth of cut than a circular saw, and does not have the overcut of a circular blade.

Typical Applications:
Door openings
Isolation cuts
Expansion joints
Small square openings in slabs and walls


Diamond drilling is the most efficient method of forming holes and openings in a multitude of hard building materials


Bursting is an effective method of controlled demolition used to remove sections of concrete.


Our high powered machinery can be used to cut depths of up to 600mm so we can carry out most types of work