Diamond Drilling

Diamond drilling employs the use of a rotary drill motor mounted on a drill column and a diamond tipped core bit to cut steel reinforced concrete. It can also be used for cutting most grades of metal. Water, air or foam are used to cool the cutting face enabling a wet or dry operation. Hole sizes range from 10mm to 1m in diameter up to 15m depth.

Remote and automatically operated rigs are available, with coolant control and collection where required. Cores can be retained or supported from below to minimise hazards to other personnel or equipment. Rig mounted diamond drilling imparts minimal vibration to either the operator or the structure.

Typical Applications:
Single Holes
Stitch Drilled Openings
Runway Lights
Pile Holes
Through penetrations

Rotary Percussive Drilling

Rotary percussive drilling uses an air driven or electric motor and a carbide tipped bit, these can be rig mounted to avoid exposure to HAVs. The driling of concrete, masonry and rock from 10mm to 100mm and depths up to 5m. Rotary percussive drilling is not capable of drilling through steel reinforcement, and can spall the surface on the exit face of the hole.

Typical Applications:
Anchor holes
Re bar connections



Diamond drilling is the most efficient method of forming holes and openings in a multitude of hard building materials


Bursting is an effective method of controlled demolition used to remove sections of concrete.


Our high powered machinery can be used to cut depths of up to 600mm so we can carry out most types of work